EP&M strives to achieve top-class results, allowing horses the best possible chance to compete at the highest level


EP&M was developed to provide owners with transparency and an opportunity to succeed. Working with racehorses is our passion and working with trainers that have a progressive view to involve research-based training is our aim.

Working between Australia and New Zealand, we have the goal of giving every horse the best possible chance of competing at the highest level; with structured plans, and individual support.  No horse will be treated “sub-par” and no horse will be left behind. Owners will have the power to employ a variety of treatments to enhance their ownership experience.  With ongoing research, evidence-based treatments and therapies, we will continue to grow the racing industry with pride.



"Jeremy is an excellent equine physiotherapist who works with some of Australia's biggest racing stables. 

On a personal level, he’s charismatic and well-spoken and very professional, all qualities that have served him well in his role."


"Best results you will ever get for your equine athletes."


"Highly recommended Equine Physiotherapist. Not only will you get friendly service, you will also get someone who holds the same aim as you; that being to produce the best results and performance in your equine friend."

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